Ben Kaplan

How to Go to College Almost for Free

Worried about how to pay for college? Afraid of drowning in a sea of student debt? Sure, Ben Kaplan once felt that way too. But that was before he discovered that there are billions of scholarship dollars out there for students with all types of interests, skills, and backgrounds. After winning enough college cash to cover virtually the entire cost of his dream school, he's written an indispensable guide that shows you how to stake your own scholarship claim.

Now in this fully revised and updated edition, Ben distills his proven step-by-step game plan that positions you to win big money for college -- regardless of your age, GPA, financial situation, or family background. With humor and insight, he reveals insider secrets for successfully finding, applying for, and winning lucrative scholarship awards -- empowering you with the information, inspiration, and know-how to afford the college of your choice and realize your educational dreams.

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The Singles Day White Papers

Late last year, Singles Day became the biggest day of commerce in the history of the world — with Chinese retailer Alibaba selling more than $30 billion in a single day. But why is this the case? How did Alibaba transform a relatively unknown holiday into a retail phenomenon? What can you learn from Alibaba about how to drive immediate consumer action for your product, service, brand, or store?

In this white paper, TOP CEO Ben Kaplan, takes a deep dive into the history, of Singles Day, and how in just a few short years Jack Ma and company built a shopping holiday bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. Drawing upon insights from PR, social media, content marketing, influencer marketing, and growth-hacking tactics Kaplan reveals the inner workings of calendar-based marketing — including the foundational viral triggers that create a sense of urgency, scarcity, and a flood of social proof that Alibaba used to great effect.

Ben possesses such wonderful information and enthusiasm. He may be the next Tony Robbins.
— Russell Scott, Radio Host