Viral Velocity

How to Build Buzz at Record Speed

In this session, Ben Kaplan will show you how the same principles that cause a cat video to go viral, a social cause to spread like wildfire, or an unknown startup to accumulate billions of users, can help you get far greater marketing results in less time.

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Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to "seed" content with influencers who will spread it

  • Understand how to simplify complex ideas and increase their viral velocity

  • Discover how to activate emotions that trigger immediate action

Intended Audience

  • Startup entrepreneurs who need to show "traction"

  • PR, social media, and digital marketing managers who need media coverage on a limited budget

  • Anyone who wants to "hack" PR, social media, and digital marketing for their startup, company, or cause

  • Major brands that want to drive awareness, consideration, and purchase of their products