Success is Contagious

How to Think, Fail & Grow at Record Speed

The conventional way of describing success is fundamentally flawed: it's less like a lightening strike and more like catching a cold. In this presentation, Ben Kaplan will show you the tried and tested tactics that will make success something that can replicate, spread, and grow. Those tactics include collecting unique experiences in order to accelerate learning, recognizing simple patterns that allow you to assess and respond more quickly, how to manage your energy, not your time, and the right ways to fail that ensure your next approach is more successful.

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Key Takeaways:

  • How to fail faster and in surprising ways in order to gain the most insight and apply it to your next attempt.

  • Ways to use unique experiences to bolster your ability to learn new things quickly.

  • Ways to leverage scarcity to amplify your innovation.

  • How to manage your energy, not your time, as it is your energy that dictates how much you can accomplish and inevitably how successful you are.

Intended Audience

  • New and seasoned entrepreneurs looking to improve their own ability to innovate better and faster.

  • Professionals struggling to maintain or regain a previous level of innovation and accomplishment.

  • Those who want to better themselves in specific ways whether it be personally or professionally.

  • Those who want to improve the way their company, team, or any group, approaches their work and increase the potential for the team's success.