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How to Make 'Em Laugh, Cry, Share & Buy

In this session, Ben Kaplan will show you how to use emotional triggers to make your content more shareable leading to consumers being more willing to purchase your product. By identifying why people share specific types of content and why they make certain purchases, Kaplan provides insight into using the viral formula to achieve massive attention.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to "create news" and make any brand or startup more "newsworthy" and leverage breaking news for more exposure on hot-button headlines.

  • Use "moneyball" tactics to find undervalued trend setters and influencers, and target key viral connectors without them even knowing it.

  • Learn how to trigger "activating emotions" that create more viral sharing on social platforms and convert that viral exposure into website traffic and data capture to boost investment opportunities.

Intended Audience

  • Major brands that want to drive awareness, consideration, and purchase of their products

  • Startup founders and entrepreneurs who need to show "traction"

  • PR, advertising, social media, and digital marketing managers who need higher KPIs and lower budgets

  • Anyone who wants to "hack" viral marketing for their startup, company, or cause