Ben Kaplan

The Short Version:


The Longer Version:

Ben Kaplan is among the world’s leading experts on viral marketing and sales.


Ben got his start as a student who won two dozen scholarships worth $90k — enough to attend Harvard for free. he then wrote and self-published the book How to Go to College Almost for Free, which became a viral hit with 2.5 million copies sold around the world. He eventually sold the book to HarperCollins in the biggest book deal ever for a first-time, non-celebrity author.


Ben became a syndicated columnist and commentator based at The Oregonian (Portland’s daily newspaper) and KMOX-AM radio (St. Louis). He also regularly appeared on CNN and Fox News Channel.


Over the next 10 y ears, Ben helped tens of thousands of families save half a billion dollars in college costs. His experience with media and growth marketing led him to become a pitch trainer at Start-Up Chile — a global accelerator for startups from 75 countries around the world. Each week, Ben helped startups better tell their stories and create news to raise more money with investors at higher valuations. And, he started helping companies create data-driven news stories to pitch journalists, get traction, and convert into future angel and venture capital investment.


When the companies Ben helped raised tens of millions of dollars, word spread around the world and Ben started getting dozens of inquiries a week. So, he launched PR Hacker as the world's most data-driven PR agency. As PR Hacker grew, the agency applied it's Test, Optimize, and Perform methodology to fields like influencer marketing, social media, brand strategy, and digital advertising. That led him to create the TOP agency — a network of nine best-in-class agencies conducting work in more than 20 countries around the world.